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The Hierarchie is down – unexpected joint efforts are coming

by Lucas2012info

soul levelsThe illusion for those upholding the illusion for us came down hard when they understood there was no hierarchy anymore.  This fact got a big stir in our multiverse. Still some are having troubles to get acquainted to that fact. Also some behind the scenes got to know that more was available to them when their own veils of the still perceived control over all fell off .

We have to understand that a big shift also happened for those in control and not only us humans that came here to ascend and be the wayshowers for the new paradigm. The new integration of the truth of Oneness and the way out of the slavery systems upon and beyond this world is needed . This  insight is now recognized and remembered.

We all have played our roles that had a purpose to understand, grow and learn the duality concept and master it.  It can only be mastered where all that is polarized becomes neutral, zero, zilch… nada…  We need to reach out for all that want to make it into the middle and want to help bring about the Oneness and peace and be co-creating the new paradigm in equality.

The spitting images, the caricatures, the hate and vile texts and posters can be taken off to get back to a real talk together about what was and has been. Then we can let that part behind us to unite again as brothers and sisters from the same source. It is all coming nicely together. Confusing about what is and shall be, is still accompanied by little signs and messages that show things are moving forward.

The ending of all and the start of the real new… not that what was anticipated to be the old new is going to be soon.  Timeless efforts of keeping in the middle,  unconditional  love , integration of the opposites and lots of compassion and understanding, help and care have done a lot. You all contributed in moving things forward for yourselves as well as the multiverse, even when you think you have not done anything.

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The Heart Passage from the Old into the New

by Angel Wings and Unicorns

Most lightworkers on Earth now are in their last, or nearing their last incarnation in this density.

They are finishing off their soul growth cycle here on Earth. There is a major liberation in the works. This is what all the light code transmissions and the heightened planetary and cosmic energies are facilitating.

But it is not necessarily easy or fun all the time. There is still much work to be done. There are things to understand, to embody, to release, to integrate.

Particularly for those for whom this is the last “go around”, there can be great challenges. This is not a glorious lifetime with a capital G. This is a lifetime to clean up after all the glorious lifetimes. This is a lifetime to tie up all the loose ends, to release the most stubborn resistances, to face the most difficult truths, to integrate the most fractured polarities…

Who likes to do clean-up? It’s much more fun to be the Queen of Sheba or the High Priest of Giza. Or perhaps a valiant night of the Round Table in pursuit of the Holy Grail, or a great conqueror, a famous writer, a tortured artist, a brilliant scientist, an inspired minstrel, a beautiful princess… oh, the list is so long and the longer it is the more clean up there is to do.

This is your time now to shine in unglorious splendor of your outwardly unremarkable life with the most remarkable task of all; to close the grand cycle of your soul journey here on earth. To do all that is yet undone, to release all that is yet unreleased, to understand the fullness of who you are. For then, it matters not at all how glorious or unglorious your life, what matters solely is the purity of your heart and your willingness to serve the greater purpose of your soul.

You came here with all those left over fragments from other lives. No wonder there has been so much confusion and need to define your purpose, to find the meaning of your presence on this planet, to understand who you are beyond a name, a job, an outward identity. No wonder, you rebelled against false values, wore flowers in your hair and sang for peace. But you did not really know what you were doing then. You were just responding to a feeling in your heart. It took much more, and a fall from grace, and the donning of what you had rejected, to finally begin finding your empowered voice, to finally start coming home to yourself.

You now know so much more, your heart and your mind is opening more each day. And you are finding each other and supporting each other and seeing how you are all connected and how you can help each other complete the cycle.

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Inner Voice

How many of you would like to be on speed dial with your inner voice?

shutterstock_22378954Never having to guess whether it is your Inner Voice (Higher Self, Soul, Inspiration) or EGO that is calling the shots.

One of my clients recently was amazingly honest when I asked the question “what does your inner voice sound like?” Up until this moment she had no real idea that she had an inner voice and that the chitter chatter going on in her head was her only voice inside. On becoming aware that she had access to another voice that was intuitive and loving, and had all the answers to her prayers, she transformed in front of my eyes. The shift within her was palpable and she left feeling more confident and strengthened to pursue her dream life, knowing she had a few more tools in which to create the life she loves.

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Illuminating Your Source Connection

The following meditation is a gift that will support you to activate and ignite your light and open yourself to your Source. This will energize you and benefit you to simply love and accept yourself and all in your life.

Sometimes life can seem so filled with things, people, and thoughts, emotions, that we can lose true sight of who we are and lose connection to our Source, our soul and our essence. May this gift support you and any others you are guided to email it to, to return to your truth, ground your light in your hearts and connect to the light within, the beautiful nature of your Soul.

Simply take your time to do all that is asked of you within this meditation journey, and know that the CoReOn Shakti (the Divine Mother Essence) will be with you as you do this.

The meditation is for the realignment of your consciousness to your divine essence and true nature of your Soul.

All my love and blessings,


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Balance and Embracing the Divine Feminine

I just found this article on another blogsite and decided to reblog it because it so beautifully expresses what’s going on with many women and the feminine essence at this time.

I have not yet shared with you the story and core-essence of the energy I now call CoReOn, which could also be called the “Yoga of the Divine Mother”. CoReOn® is pure divine essence, light, love and consciousness pouring out of the heart of the Divine Feminine Source coming into this universe via the RA Continuum………but that’s another story for next time…

Would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this!

Stay in the light of your heart and be gentle with your self and each other.


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