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Money – one of our most difficult relationships

Especially within the new age community, the lightworkers and many people who are on their soul journey seem to be struggling with their finances on a regular basis, many are outright poor. They seem to have a lot of problems attracting money into their lives. Of course not everyone has issues with their finances, but it has been quite a strong pattern among healers, psychics, and many ascension workers. In previous cycles we would drop the body and reincarnate to continue the (genetic) ancestral patterns until we could learn to expand past them. This was how the soul could re-establish itself in a completely new life identity. In life cycles there is truth in the adage, “The Sins of the Fathers’ are inherited by the Son’s.” The word “sin” is not an intended punishment by an angry god, it is the ignorance of repeating destructive acts that continue to cause one’s suffering, and to pass that pain on to the next generations.

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A descension occurs when a vaster part of a person’s own Spirit comes to reside in the body. Descensions of Spirit are an integral part of the Lightbody Ascension process. Everyone will experience Descensions as part of their mutation to Lightbody at various times in the process. Sometimes, the shifts are so profound that the person believes that they have had a walk-in.

Often, as Spirit descends into the body, a person feels magnificent ecstasy and bliss. There may be a sense of revelation, expandedness, clarity of purpose and the sensation of seeing everything through new eyes. The subjective experience spans from a pleasant bliss state to complete disorientation.

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Early 2012 Changes

Normally I don’t take part in actions like the “Protect IP Act” (PIPA) because first of all I am not American and second as a Lightworker I “occupy”, as Denise mentions “at non-physical levels and have my entire life. The non-physical levels are the ones I’ve been the most effective in—prior to the start of the 1987–2012 Ascension Process that is—not physically protesting, marching, picketing, or “occupying” etc. Those types of physical actions are better done by people who cannot or do not know how to do what I can, what those of you reading this can”.

I can’t say it any better myself. Here now is Denise Le Fay’s January 2012 article.

Enjoy, Renate

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