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About this Blog

Hello,  I’m Renate Hechenberger. I’m glad you found your way here!

This Blog and CoReOn New Energy is about manifesting our highest capacities through a deeper understanding of consciousness (inner space), healing and personal transformation and whatever else comes to mind. It is for all the people who are willing to think and feel deeply, explore their inner landscape, and create positive change – for themselves and for the world.

This is not a light-weight, standard airy-fairy, blitzed out, all is wonderful and pure, love and light metaphysical blog. I will tell you like it is for those of us in the trenches wondering what is happening to us physically, psychically, and emotionally. It is for all of you out there to remind you that you are not alone, that you are not crazy and that it will give you the strength to hang in there a little while longer. I sincerely hope it’s for all those Lightworkers seeking to “get it” on a higher level. It’s about the process of creating harmony and beauty in life through right use of creative energies, focused use of will, awakening and ascension – meaning cellular transformation, healing your heart, emotions and mind, reconnecting with your soul and spirit, and embracing the fullness of life.

Cutting edge ascension technology, personal evolution, simple wisdom, new forms of energywork & healing, feminine spirituality, all of that intersects at CoReOn New Energy. Why? Because our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are changing fast. We need to embody and BE the Light (and embody the new blueprints) here as the way to draw as much of the collective (humanity) towards the Light now as fast as possible.

I’ve made a special effort to create an ambiance of integrity, clarity, honesty, warmth and beauty at CoReOn New Energy – a refuge from the busyness, stress, and overwhelm of modern life. A place where you can journey within, learn and transform. A place of inner refuge where one can find the resources to change and hopfully we can build a community for an open exchange of our personal experiences and what we’re discovering because of them. I believe that everyone now can benefit from us doing this type of open and honest sharing about the higher energy and consciousness anomalies, perceptions and multi-leveled symptoms. I envision this Blog to be a place that reflects the emerging values that express our responsibility towards life, each other, and the planet as a whole. I see it also as a place to discourse, debate, share, converse, reflect, observe and listen. I like to ask thought-provoking questions!  But we don’t have to be too serious either!  We can bring a sense of joy, humour and wonder along on our evolutionary journey.

Born out of a need, a necessity, an instinct, a spark of genius or even sheer desperation or chaos – we are the pioneers of a New Earth, who are being pulled to go beyond the old beliefs, limitations and “order of things” to create something completely fresh and new, following nothing else but our inner sense that we just have to.

I want to thank every one of you for your life, your work, and your contribution to the whole!

I am writing a Blog in German as well, also called CoReOn New Energy, so don’t be confused if you happen to come accross it by any chance. If you speak/read German, come and visit since the Blogposts differ: CoReOn New Energy – German.

Please let me know if there are special topics you would like me to cover, or questions you would like me to explore in my writing. Your input means a great deal to me. Your comments are warmly welcome and can be left at the end of most articles on this blog.

There’s a new article once or twice a month and they appear mostly on weekdays.


I invite you to connect with me in these ways:


I am currently available for individual telephone or skype sessions for my international clients. You do need to make a prior appointment for that however.


The english language section of my website is not yet up and running, but will be in the next couple of month.

Some time differences for international clients:

  • New York: Austria is 6 hours ahead of you
  • San Francisco: Austria is 9 hours ahead of you
  • Vancouver, Canada: Austria is 9 hours ahead of you
  • London, UK: Austria is 1 hour ahead of you
  • Sydney, Austrialia: you are 10 hours ahead of Austria
  • Singapore: you are 7 hours ahead of Austria

I’m afraid evening appointments are not possible for my American and Canadian clients. I am available however on the weekends I am not teaching my workshops and classes, so check with me and we will find a suitable time.

Check on worldclock for time differences for “Vienna, Austria”.

More about myself, go to my Bio.

Looking forward to getting to know you and may The Force be with you!


P.S. and yes I am a big fan of Master Yoda of Starwars fame…

PPS: Renate is pronounced Re (as in ray) Na (a as in Ma) Te

12 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Finally! Someone else who knows that spirituality is scientific-right to the very ‘core’. Thank you, Renate!


  2. personnally im closer to chubaker in look and stature. but i must confess that you do write in a very nice way


  3. That is very interesting, You are a really professional blogger. I have joined your feed and sit up for in the hunt for more of your excellent posts. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!


  4. Your work inspires and always fascinates me !I wish you could be everywhere personally in this world to share your knowledge and your positive happy being :-).
    I will share your site with all my connections to give more people the chance to connect with you . What a gift to have met you !! :-) x


  5. Renate, you are so very committed to your work and with some very good results. I have known you now for 30 years and would always vouch for your honesty and integrity.


  6. Am touched by your positive energy. Please continue with your inspiring work and looking forward every week to your articles.


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