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Abraham Hicks on Financial Abundance (2)


Abraham gives the example of paying bills as one way in which we push money away from us. He says we are holding two columns in our heads: ”When money comes in, you add it, and when it goes out, you subtract it. You are taking score. And when you take score, you cause a resistance in your vibration, and push more dollars away. But we are here to tell you that there is no ending to the inflow of abundance. It is like water, ever flowing into your life.”

Abraham suggests that we begin each day by telling ourselves that good things will come to us. And although we don’t really know what can happen to us on that day, we can affirm that whatever happens, the best path will be shown to us. That we will always have the answers we need to make the happiest choices.

”When you do that,” Abraham says, ”when you start each day with that thought, life unfolds as a terrific adventure. Abundance, dollars, relationships, health, — everything you are wanting will flow, in incredible, wonderful, joy-filled ways, into your life experience, and you begin to live as you intended before you came in. All you have to do is find thoughts that make you feel good when you think about money, and you will be inundated with it:

Ooooh, isn’t that a lovely thing. Oh, I’d love to have that in my life. Wouldn’t that be a lovely experience. Ooooh, I just can feel what it would be like to have that in my life. Ooooh, isn’t that a lovely place to go, I can see myself there. And if I was there I would do this and do this and see this. Mmmm..”

“It is not our work”, Abraham tells us, “to say how things will happen, to outline all the steps you will take, to dictate the methods by which money will come to you. Your work is to identify what you want, not how you will get it”.

Then Abraham said, ”It’s hard to hear, isn’t it. . .?”

But if creating is all done through thought and emotion, then what purpose does action have?

“Joy”, Abraham says. “Your physical actions are for joy, and no action that is without joy can truly have the consequences you want. It is as easy to create a castle, as it is to create a button”.

The Daily Workshop

To begin with, Abraham suggests that we clarify our wants by writing each one down on a piece of paper, and then making a list of ”Why I Want This.” Then, on the other side, we are to make a list of ”Why I KNOW that I Will Create This.” Thus, we are activating the two aspects of the Law of Deliberate Creation: adding emotion to our thought of what we want, and building expectation of receiving it.

Also, Abraham says, we need to go through each day ”collecting data” on what we like. No matter what we are doing, we could also, with part of our mind, be noticing what we like — things that we want to attract into our lives, or things that are already in our lives and that we’d like to keep on having. We take these wants and this data into our daily Workshop, where we will sit down each day and spend fifteen minutes doing absolutely nothing but thinking about having what we want and how ”delicious” that feels.

Before we start, however, we need to get into a state of feeling at least reasonably happy. For if we think about what we want with negative emotions, we push it away instead of drawing it to us. So a part of this assignment is to create happy feelings at least once a day!

We may already be feeling happy when we go into our Workshop, and if so we can start the process right away. If not, there are things we can do to invite the appropriate feelings. Listening to joyous music, burning incense or using an aroma diffuser, reading something uplifting, walking in nature, thinking about what we love. . . any method that works is fine, just so we make sure to achieve a happy mood before we go into our Workshop and start to create things.

In our Workshop, we are to think of everything we want, and ask ourselves, ”What would it be like, if. . .?” And let ourselves totally plunge into the fun, the joy, the happiness, the deliciousness, of that experience.

The Prosperity Box

Abraham suggests that one method of focusing our intent is to create a Prosperity Box. This can just be a plain cardboard box with a slot in it, or it can be something beautiful that we decorate in a way that pleases us.

Then, when we’ve written down what we want, including why we want it and why we know that we will get it, and we have ”launched the creation” in our Workshop, we would put the piece of paper into the Prosperity Box and wait for it to manifest.

I hope you enjoy working with these techniques and I would love to hear from you if you have any success.


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Warmest wishes, Renate


Author: Renate

Hi, ich bin Renate und seit über 25 Jahren entwickle, erforsche, erfühle, entdecke und erkunde ich auf den Gebieten Freie Spiritualität, Bewusstsein, Energetik, Meditation und der neuen Erkenntnisdimensionen unserer Zeit. Ich unterstütze dich dabei, dein Selbst zu entfalten, oder gerade, wenn du nicht mehr so kannst, wie du gerne willst. Meine Erfahrungen und Tipps gibe ich auf Renates Blog I Selbstfindung, Spiritualität, Energetik weiter.

7 thoughts on “Abraham Hicks on Financial Abundance (2)

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  4. Thanks Renate,

    This gave me a much needed spur to get going and organize myself. I’ve been intending to start a prosperity box, but never got around to it. I ordered some unfinished wood boxes that look like books which I can finish in any way I like. One of these will be my prosperity box and I will be following the suggestions given by Abraham with much pleasure.


  5. Ohhhh, this has just put a big smile on my face… many of those recommendations for the workshop I practice already every day, and It/I feels real good. Thank you so much for sharing this!


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